Monday, October 20, 2014

The best trick-or-treating on the north side of Atlanta is in Dunwoody's, Briers North Subdivision.

Briers North Subdivision
4648 Tilly Mill Rd

Dunwoody, GA 30360

Please park at the Crossroads Church at Tilly Mill & Peeler (4805 Tilly Mill Road).

Once upon a time, a family in Briers North decided to add some larger-than-life decorations to their home for Halloween. A number of people stopped by to admire them and began trick-or-treating in our quiet neighborhood.

The next year, encouraged by the positive response, more families decorated their homes and wore costumes to give candy to trick-or-treaters. Even more visitors came by to trick-or-treat that Halloween. It became the holiday that so many of us adults remembered when we were growing up long ago.  And so the tradition grew until the number of visitors has grown into the thousands. Halloween at Briers North continues to attract visitors from inside and outside the city of Dunwoody.

The subdivision's households contribute to the celebration by decorating their yards, distributing candy, and by hiring the Dunwoody Police to direct traffic.

Some information for you if you are planning to join us:
  • Halloween is ALWAYS and ONLY celebrated on October 31st.  Rain or Shine!  For 2014, this will be on a Friday.
  • The passing out of candy begins at 6:00pm and stops at 9:00pm.  No one is admitted to the subdivision after 8:30pm.
  • We start closing the subdivision to automobile traffic at 5:45pm and we do not reopen until 9:30pm. There is NO parking inside Briers North subdivision. If you park outside, please do so legally. Depending on their evening activities, the North Peachtree Baptist Church (corner of Tilly Mill & Peeler) sometimes donates their parking lot for anyone wishing to park there, with proceeds being given to the Boy Scouts.
  • Trick-or-treating in Briers North on Halloween is AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is a public event on public streets and is NOT sponsored by any association or group. Briers North assumes no liability or responsibility for visitors.
  • NO pets are allowed during this time (they get scared and some of the children get scared!)
If you enjoyed Halloween in Briers North in the past, or plan to visit this year, please consider giving a small donation.  Donations help to make this a safe event for everyone and are gratefully received!

Fighting for Dawn 5K and 1K doggie dash at Brook Run on October 25th

Atlanta fun run  2014

Brook Run Park
4770 N Peachtree Rd.
Dunwoody , GA 30338

This race is to benefit Fighting for Dawn (FFD), a 501(c)3 rescue group in Atlanta. The 5k race will be restricted to people only but the 1k will welcome humans with (or without) their canine counterparts. Join us to meet some new people, cool dogs, great vendors and have a lot of fun!
Dog Friendly Event!
Well mannered dogs can participate with their owners in the 1K for an additional $5. All registered dogs will get a bandana!
Start/Finish - Next to the Pavilions (center of the park)
FFD's mission is to help the desolate, both in body and spirit. They will rescue the broken, mangy, senior, and neglected that are victims of poor circumstances. Their goal is to help animals who have never felt love, see just how wonderful life can be for them!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ryan Seacrest talks to his pal Principal Tom McFerrin regarding Dunwoody Homecoming

Hearts all over the country were warmed by the story of Dunwoody High School in Dunwoody, Georgia, crowning two special needs students as its Homecoming king and queen.  Gus Ashbury, who is autistic, and Hannah Keen, who has Down Syndrome, were both bestowed with the special honor on Friday night at Ryan’s alma mater, and the incredible story has been grabbing headlines from coast to coast because of its powerful message.

Dunwoody High School’s principal Tom McFerrin, who actually went to high school with Ryan at Dunwoody, called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Friday morning to give us some more details about the touching story and how it all came about.

“The week before when the Seniors were able to pick the student they wanted on the Homecoming court … on the ballot were two of our special needs students,” explains McFerrin. “Then the school voted and just that moment out on the field, if you saw the clip and I know you did … it was an unbelievable moment. For me, I’ll never forget that moment, but also to see the student body and their reaction on the field and just to see the reaction of Gus and Hannah is something you’ll never forget.”

Principal McFerrin stresses that the culture at Dunwoody High School is based on acceptance and anti-bullying … and crowning Gus and Hannah as King and Queen is the manifestation of those principles.

“What’s great about it is the whole acceptance,” he continues. “Those kids have gone to school with our special needs kids since kindergarten, a lot of them. If you could just see the interaction with those kids with our special needs students from middle school and elementary school all the way up to high school. So they’ve known these kids forever and there’s this sense of acceptance. They have a little coffee shop, which is where this story started because they run a coffee shop every Tuesday. The special needs students run a coffee shop for our regular ed students to come down and purchase a cinnamon roll or get a cup of coffee so they’re able to interact with them, and it’s great to see.”

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NBC Nightly News covers the Dunwoody royalty of Hannah Keen & Gus Ashbury
NBC Nightly News

Hannah Keen's silver tiara glinted under the field's floodlights. She clutched a bouquet of red roses, smiling ear-to-ear, and looked out at her classmates. Nearly everyone had tears in their eyes. For that night, she was their Queen, and it seemed like the whole school had been pulling for her and the Homecoming King, Gus Ashbury. This was their big debut.

Hannah and Gus are both special needs students, but their coronation was no mean-spirited prank — it was a symbol of pride for the students at Dunwoody High School, near Atlanta. "That's what we're all about here," Principal Tom McFerrin said. "Be good people and do good things in this world."

Homecoming last Friday was a night both students likely won't forget. Haley Pierce, a senior at Dunwoody who has known Hannah since kindergarten, remembered the mood. "We're all sitting there, like, 'Hannah and Gus, oh my gosh! They have to win!' We were all on the field and we all had tears in our eyes, like, 'Oh my gosh!'"

Days later, back in their classroom, Hannah and Gus were still glowing. They were royalty.

DeKalb Solicitor-General Sherry Boston’s 4th Annual Resource Fair and Symposium on Domestic Violence - Thursday, October 23rd

DeKalb Solicitor-General Sherry Boston’s
4th Annual Resource Fair and Symposium on Domestic Violence
Thursday, October 23rd
8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Manuel Maloof Auditorium, 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur

Open to the Public with Free Breakfast Served
Please bring used cell phones to donate through Verizon Wireless HopeLine to help survivors of domestic violence.

RSVP by October 20th to (404) 371-2234 or
The symposium is co-sponsored by Verizon Wireless.

Code Red Emergency Alerts called many Dunwoody homes last night as limited emergency sirens will be tested soon.

If you want early warnings to your cell phone or land line in case of dangerous weather in can sign up for Code Red warnings. I have heard from many people that this warned them early Tuesday morning and allowed them to get their families to safe parts of their home.   Please register today !!
Here is the link: Code Red Alerts - Dunwoody

There was also some confusion regarding the two new weather warning sirens at Brook Run Park and Dunwoody Park that some thought they heard, but actually the sirens heard were set off by the City of Sandy Springs (near the Country Club?) and not Dunwoody.    The two new Dunwoody sirens are still waiting on an internet connection installation and hopefully they will be tested later this week.

The Dunwoody City Council was split on installing weather sirens (I was in favor) therefore the two being installed this week in our major parks are a compromise / test and if deemed successful to see if the residents want more to be installed.

All Saints Fall Festival offers food trucks & live music in Dunwoody on Friday & Saturday evening - inflatables and much more during the day.

All Saints Catholic Church
2443 Mount Vernon Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338

Food Trucks Coming to All Saints!  Friday night kicks off 5:00-8:00pm with food trucks and live music in the lower parking lot.  Bring the family, bring your friends and neighbors, the more the merrier!  There will be inflatables for the kids, too!

Saturday we start with a fun run, followed by a day of fun for the whole family featuring an Artists Market, games, cupcake walk, football on the big screen, inflatables, food.  That evening, 6:30-9:00 there will be live entertainment on stage and food and beverages to enjoy while listening and partying with friends.  Don’t miss out on the fun.  Save the dates!!!

To volunteer to help or for more information contact Mary Trantow, 404-277-1207

Fun Run, all proceeds benefit the The Preschool at All Saints inflatables, games, live music, football on the big screen, and more. Bring your family, friends and neighbors. 

2nd Annual Fun Run
Kicks Off Saturday Fall Festival Events
8:30 am Registration & 9:00 am Start

The Fun Run is open to all boys and girls, ages 3 to 12 and parents and everyone can run all three events. Any age can participate in the events but only ages listed can place:  100 Yard dash (ages 3-5); 1/2 Mile (ages 6-8); 1 Mile (ages 9-12).  If you do not want to run but want to help out we need volunteers to help. 

Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce talks to High Velocity Radio


Atlanta Business Radio - High Velocity Radio

Stephanie Snodgrass / Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce 
Stephanie Snodgrass is the newly named President and CEO of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce and has been in the position since September 22, 2014. Her immediate objectives are to provide a great return on investment for all Chamber members and to develop a plan of work that will strengthen those returns. Prior to moving to Dunwoody she was President of the Walker County Chamber of Commerce and Regional Visitors Information Center for over five years. During this time she promoted active participation and collaboration through a variety of initiatives to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Walker County and the surrounding region. In November of 2012, she led the Walker County Chamber in obtaining the Georgia Certified Chamber of Commerce status.

Marcy Bass / Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta Linkedin Twitter Facebook
Originally from New York, Marcy Bass moved to Atlanta after graduating from law school and was in-house counsel with BellSouth Corporation for more than 20 years. Following her retirement from BellSouth, she became more  involved in volunteer work with various Jewish and Atlanta nonprofit organizations. Marcy is married to Scott  Fisher, an attorney, and has two grown sons, both of whom live in Atlanta.

Judy Schulman / Mid-South Financial Group 
Judy Schulman, an experienced long-term care specialist, is recognized for her practical approach in the planning for the risk of long-term care. By providing current, factual and objective information, she has helped over 1300 people look forward to retirement without the worry that the cost of extended care will jeopardize their financial security.

Adrienne Duncan / SDOC Publishing Internet Soutions Linkedin Twitter Facebook
Adrienne Duncan, a 15-year veteran of website design and development, is the owner of SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions in Dunwoody. SDOC Publishing was one of the founding sponsors of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce in 2008. SDOC Publishing has provided complete web design, development and hosting solutions to the Chamber ever since through all of its changes and growth during its first six years.  Adrienne also wrote of her experience on the radio on her blog.